Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So as promised, more photo's we took with my iphone!

We went shopping in Antwerp on Saturday and bought these moustaches at Urban Outfitters. On Sunday we wanted to do a photoshoot with these moustache at the park but it was raining so with did a little photoshoot in my room. We took my iphone and actionsampler and my boyfriend's polaroid and fisheye and we had lots of fun!

Here are some of the photo's we took with my iphone and the polaroid.

Kiss kiss!


Iphone fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm a bit behind with my blog. I need to post photo's of so many things, but I don't have photoshop anymore and I need that before I can show you photo's. (yes, I'm one of those persons that NEEDS photoshop, although I don't edit all of my photo's)

Luckily, since 2 weeks or so I have an iphone! I know, I always told people that those things are way to expensive and that you don't need that and ... But I was wrong! You do need an iphone! It's slowly becoming my best friend (I always had a good relationship with my phone, before it became slow and I had to buy this one).

So, I will be posting lots of photo's I took with my iphone.

My boyfriend! Isn't he cute? <3! 
Me, opening a box from Mintyfresh!
I will post some photo's about the stuff inside as soon as I got photoshop!

Batwoman and batman!
I love our shirts!
Kiss kiss!


Music on Monday!

It's Monday again, so time for a 'Music on Monday!' post.

There are a lot of song I want to post, but today's post will be about Pukkelpop.

Pukkelpop is a festival in Belgium (3 days). This year it started on thursday the 18 of august. Everybody who was there will remember that day for the rest of his life, I'm sure!
It was a sunny, hot day until 6pm when it changed to hell!

(I'm still thinking about that moment most of the day and I'm just really happy that me, my boyfriend and all my friends got away with serious injuries)

Just watch this video and you will see how horrible it was.

5 people died, may they rest in peace.


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Thursday, August 11, 2011


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