Music on Monday: Elvis Presley!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Elvis Presley - Devil in Disguise


Wishlist #4!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

There are three new camera's on Lomography, just in time for Valentine: a Diana F+  - Zebra, a Diana mini with flash - Leopard, and a Fisheye No. 2 - Python.

I'm in love with the Diana F+ - Zebra. It's just so perfect, stylish and it has the perfect color. And I love zebra's! Yes, I'm definitely in love with this camera!

But we don't really buy anything on Valentine's Day (actually, I have to cause it's my boyfriend's burthday, but we don't celebrate Valentine's Day), so this beauty will just be an item on my wishlist for any other occasion.

Kiss Kiss!


An Instax a month #1!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi there

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'm ill again, I'm sneezing like almost all the time and I have a huge pile of handkerchiefs next to me :( And my iphone is gone for 3 weeks for repair cause the home button wasn't working well. Maybe it's silly to say, but I kinda really miss my phone :( I'm using my old samsung now until I have my iphone back, and I hate it.

That being said, I would like to show you that although it's already the 23 of January, I did took an instax of me and my boyfriend on the 16th (well, not exactly the 16th, we took it the 18th, cause we didn't see each other on the 16th) (see my goals)

But first I will show you some instax photo's I took of us in 2011:

This one was taken when I just got my instax,
so obviously I still had to figure out how to work with it,
but I still kinda like the result

I like that the whole photo is filled with our face and
that there isn't any background showing

We were both wearing the same Super Mario shirt, but you can't see mine at all

This is the instax we took a couple of days ago. It's kinda weird looking, cause my boyfriend seems to be very small here, but I think that's just because I was taking the photo and the angle made him look smaller then me :)

I took all of these photo's with my Instax 210.
I just scanned these photo's, but maybe it was a better idea to take a photo of these instax photo's, I will probably try that next time and see what works best to show them.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Kiss Kiss


Music on Monday: Ed Sheeran!

I'm in love with this song and there are still so many people that don't know this song, so I had to post it. I could listen to it all day, so I hope you all enjoy it too. 

Ed Sheeran - The A Team

Ed Sheeran - The A Team (acoustic)


Wishlist #3!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yes, another wishlist!

I was looking at some sites of doll companies (I know I shouldn't do that) and there are so many beautiful dolls out there. I already have a wonderful dolly family (will introduce them to you soon, promise) and I have two more dolls coming in, so there is no dolly funds at the moment.

But when I saw this girl, I felt in love again. I can't buy her right now, but some day I hope to add her to the family. She's an SD sized girl (56,5cm), so she's bigger then my other girls. A while ago, I was in love with another SD girl, but she's sold out forever, so I hope I will have money for this beauty before she sells out too. (I would love to buy her with the default face-up)

D.I.M Bellosse
Just look at that face! I can't get over how sweet and beautiful she looks. She's a vampire girl, so she has fangs, but that doesn't bother me, cause they seem to be really tiny.

Kiss Kiss!


Wishlist #2!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I just noticed Modcloth is having a huge sale right now with 70% off.
So I was looking trough those sale items and there are some things
I would really like to buy (unfortunately, I have to save, so no clothes for me :( 
I will share some of my favorites items with you!

Never out of lace dress

Foliage of innocence dress

Ombre elegance coat

Tantalizing tapestry dress

Asymmetry of life dress

Fondue of you dress

And my ultimate favorite:
Beauty with a baton romper
Kiss kiss!


Music on Monday: Passenger Project - U2

Monday, January 16, 2012

Passenger Project - U2 - Miss Sarajevo


Music on Monday: Damien Rice

Monday, January 9, 2012

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes


Goals for 2012!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year to all of you!!! I hope you had a wonderful time! 
I had an amazing weekend, but I will post about that later.

At the beginning of a new year, everybody makes goals. I usually don't make them, but this year will be a year full of goals. I think it will be better for me to have some goals and try to accomplish them, cause to me it feels like I haven't achieved anything in 2011. 
So 2012 has to be different!

Here are some of my goals:

1. Take an instax photo of me and my boyfriend 
every 16th of the month. 
(We will be together for 2 year on the 16th of June)

2. Decide what to do with my life.
(I need to think about what I want to study/learn or where I want to work. I'm really having a hard time with figuring this out, 
I tried many things in 2011, but notting felt right)

3. Blog about my camera's and use them more.
(I love shooting with film, but I don't do it as often as I would like to, 
so need to do that more. And of course I want to take more digital photo's too)

4. Buy a canon eos 60D or 7D.
(I've been wanting one of these camera's for such a long time. 
I have a canon eos 400d, so I could definitely use an upgrade)

5. Get a driving license.
(I just got my second driving lesson yesterday.)

6. Bake and cook more often and blog about it.
(I love baking cake and cooking, especially with food coloring. 
But now I want to try out some new recipes too.)

7. Get a Blythe and customize her.
(I've been dreaming to do this for about a year now. I don't know which blythe yet and I don't know if it will come out looking good, 
but I just need to try it, right?)

8. Blog about my toys and dolls.
(Designer toys and dolls make a big part of my life. And as I have quite many of both of them, I think it's time to introduce them to you)

9. Go to Disneyland Paris.
(This is something me and my boyfriend are dreaming about. I went to Disneyland Paris many times before, but never slept in the Disney Hotel. So we hope to go at Halloween)

10. Change my blog layout and make my blog a bigger part of my life.

Did you also made some goals?

Kiss Kiss!


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