Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi there!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was, but it was also quite busy, so I will post some photo's after New Year.

Tomorrow starts my 'New Year Weekend' with my boyfriend, I'm sure it will be AMAZING!!!


Merry (late) Christmas and Happy (early) New Year to you all!!!!

Kiss Kiss!


Christmas Cookies!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hi there!

It's almost Christmas! So I wanted to bake some cookies. They didn't turned out the way I pictured them in my head, but they taste delicious!

So here some photo's of the cookies:

And tomorrow or saturday I will bake some cake for Christmas. I will try to post some photo's of that too. 

Merry (early) Christmas to you all!

Kiss Kiss!


Music on Monday: John Legend

Monday, December 12, 2011

John Legend - Ordinary people


Friday Favorites #2!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Actually, you can see these posts as a wishlist.

This second post will be about suitcase cat beds. I would love to have one like these in my house someday and I'm sure my cat would love them too.


(via: freshome)
Don't you just love this one! It's a console TV turned dog bed! 
I love love love it! I will be needing one once I have my own place :)
(via: Fried Okra)
Kiss Kiss!


Friday Favorites #1!

Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm planning to show you some things I love, that I found all over the web, on a 'regular' base.

This first post will be about man fashion that I found on the Etsy Treasury page. I love these items so much, I would even wear them myself :)

I love everything nautical, especially anchors!
This hoodie is amazing, just look at that print!
I think every man needs a sweatshirt like this :)
Kiss Kiss!



Sunday, November 27, 2011

So, yesterday my boyfriend and I went shopping in Brussels.
Last time we went to Brussels, my boyfriend didn't felt well, so we went back home not long after we arrived. In the short time we were there, we saw a shopping street with lots of interesting looking shops, so we told each other to come back another time.
So yesterday we went back, ready to shop. I hear you thinking: 'They're probably really exhausted from a day of shopping.' Well let me tell you, we were exhausted! (Actually I was almost dead, my legs are still hurting!) But that wasn't because of all the shopping, cause we haven't found those shops :( We've looked everywhere, we haven't skipped a single street. We decided we really wanted to see the new Urban Outfitters shop before going back home, so we took my iphone, used the app 'maps' and walked for about 30 minutes. We were so happy when we finally saw the Urban Outfitters shop!

That brings me to what this post actually is about, an item on my wishlist!

I saw the most amazing satchel at Urban Outfitters!
Sadly, he was a bit to expensive for me :(


I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

Kiss Kiss!


Congrats to my boyfriend!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congrats to my boyfriend for finally having his driving license!

Big kisses!
Love you! 


What I bought: Ji Ja Bird!

It's been a long time (for me, it is) since I last bought a designer toy. I'm always looking at all kinds of figures and I love discovering new designers. But there are some designers I keep buying from, one of these is Mr. Clement.

So, I was looking at his site again, just out of curiosity, to see if he was working on something new. And then I saw that awesome Ji Ja Bird! I knew I had to have one, so I pre-ordered the white one!

 Ji Ja Birds are a pair of little birds (white and yellow) who are only able to say 'Ji' or 'Ja'. They are exploring the world between frames (comic frames), carrying a mysterious message in a tiny envelope to someone who is waiting for it.

These are obviously not my photo's.

They have shipped my Ji Ja Bird today, it will probably take 4-5 days for him to arrive.
So excited!

Kiss Kiss!


Music on Monday: Alicia Keys!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart


Music on Monday: Herman Brood!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Monday again!

It's an old song, but I still love it!


Kiss Kiss!


Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was just amazing but I will tell you about that soon.
Today it's Halloween and I really love that. But today I'm not that happy or enthusiast because I had a wisdom tooth removed :( It hurts like hell! Usually I can handle lots of pain, but now, it's just to much.
There were lots of stupid things that made it hard to smoothly remove my tooth. The dentists phone was ringing all the time, my grandma called because she had to go to the hospital, I was super dizzy so the dentist couldn't anesthetize my tooth enough and my mouth was a bit to small. So she also couldn't stitch it, so now I'm having lots of pain and it's difficult to speak or swallow.
I hope I will feel better soon but for now, it's just feeling terrible.

I hope you will all enjoy your Halloween evening.

Kiss Kiss



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh I love baking! So last sunday I baked some Halloween cookies :)

Here are the results!
(This was my first attempt, so they're not perfect yet)

I don't really like icing and sweet flavored cookies, but the rest of the family loved them!
They actually ate so many cookies they all had a stomach ache.

Kiss Kiss


Summer fun!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I was going through some photo's that were taken in August.
I've never uploaded them, but I think they're kinda fun :)

Please excuse me for the messy hair!

We'll be going on our first city-trip together on thursday!
You can find us in Amsterdam until Saturday! 
I will probably take a lot of camera's with me, so be prepared for some serious photo spamming once I got back and have my films developed! 

Kiss Kiss!



Friday, October 14, 2011

Yes, I love October! You wanna know why? 3 reasons.

First, it's my birthday on the 11 of October. I got many presents this year due to my wonderful boyfriend. Of course I also got a present from my mum, grandma, aunt and uncle and my brother and sister. But those presents from my boyfriend are extra special. (photo's of my presents will be on my blog soon, I promise)

Second, October is the last month that you can enjoy warm, sunny days before the winter comes. Don't get me wrong, I love the winter too. I love the snow, the cozy feeling you get when you are sitting inside all covered up in a blanket while it's freezing outside and of course christmas. But, summer is my favorite season and autumn is my second favorite. I really enjoy walking in the park spotting some mushrooms.

The third reason is Halloween. I really love love love everything about it! I'm already looking forward to the day that I have my own house or apartment all decorated for Halloween. But for now, I just have to dream about it. This year Halloween will be a bit less fun for me, cause I will have my wisdom tooth be removed :( Luckily, my boyfriend and I are going to Amsterdam from the 27 till 29 of October, so I will be looking forward to that. It's are first trip with just the two of us. So exciting!

But for now, I will be watching some Halloween inspiration.

(via: Martha Stewart)
(via: 0ct0ber)
(via: spirithalloween)

Kiss Kiss!


Music on Monday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I know, I know. It seems like I only post on Monday, I will try to change that. I have to, cause I really love blogging and there are so many things I want to share with you :)

Tomorrow is my birthday, 22 years old already! I really don't feel like that! And there even are some people asking if I'm 16 yet! :(

I already got my presents from my boyfriend. I love every single thing he bought (and he bought really much :p)!!! I will try to take pictures of everything as soon as possible, promise! I can already tell you that it involves many things from treeson and momiji (yes, I collect designer toys), 2 books from totoro, a Keri Smith book (love them!!!), that awesome book from Marc Johns (love love love! I was planning on buying that book myself), 2 camera's (camera addict here!), tickets for a concert of The Kooks (!!!) ... and a cactus!!!
Told you he bought a lot :p (so, pictures soon)

But now, some music please!

I've chosen 'Out there on my own'. It's a beautiful song I totally forgot about until I saw that movie 'fame'. But then, I forgot about it again! (shame on me!) Until couple of days ago when I watched the 3th episode of glee season 3. (Yes, I'm also a glee addict)

So here you go! Enjoy!

Kiss Kiss!


Music on Monday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Monday again, so time for another Music on Monday post :)

I'm so loving this song!!! I just keep listening to this, it's makes me happy :)

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Music on Monday!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi there!

I'm not feeling well the last couple of days, my nose won't let me breathe.
But listening to this song makes me feel a bit better.

So enjoy!

Kiss Kiss!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So as promised, more photo's we took with my iphone!

We went shopping in Antwerp on Saturday and bought these moustaches at Urban Outfitters. On Sunday we wanted to do a photoshoot with these moustache at the park but it was raining so with did a little photoshoot in my room. We took my iphone and actionsampler and my boyfriend's polaroid and fisheye and we had lots of fun!

Here are some of the photo's we took with my iphone and the polaroid.

Kiss kiss!


Iphone fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm a bit behind with my blog. I need to post photo's of so many things, but I don't have photoshop anymore and I need that before I can show you photo's. (yes, I'm one of those persons that NEEDS photoshop, although I don't edit all of my photo's)

Luckily, since 2 weeks or so I have an iphone! I know, I always told people that those things are way to expensive and that you don't need that and ... But I was wrong! You do need an iphone! It's slowly becoming my best friend (I always had a good relationship with my phone, before it became slow and I had to buy this one).

So, I will be posting lots of photo's I took with my iphone.

My boyfriend! Isn't he cute? <3! 
Me, opening a box from Mintyfresh!
I will post some photo's about the stuff inside as soon as I got photoshop!

Batwoman and batman!
I love our shirts!
Kiss kiss!


Music on Monday!

It's Monday again, so time for a 'Music on Monday!' post.

There are a lot of song I want to post, but today's post will be about Pukkelpop.

Pukkelpop is a festival in Belgium (3 days). This year it started on thursday the 18 of august. Everybody who was there will remember that day for the rest of his life, I'm sure!
It was a sunny, hot day until 6pm when it changed to hell!

(I'm still thinking about that moment most of the day and I'm just really happy that me, my boyfriend and all my friends got away with serious injuries)

Just watch this video and you will see how horrible it was.

5 people died, may they rest in peace.


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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Music on Monday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

This post is dedicated to Amy Winehouse. She was a wonderful singer-songwriter.
I've always liked her style and hoped to see a concert of her.

                                                                 Tears dry on their own

R.I.P Amy Winehouse (14.09.1983 - 23.07.2011)



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So here are some photo's we took with my boyfriend fisheye (I need one too!).

I look a bit weird 

Skate park and my hand holding my actionsampler 

Walking around like tourists in my own city 
Me, with a giant arm, at Rock Werchter

Smile! (or just look weird) at Rock Werchter

Me again at Rock Werchter

My superhero at Rock Werchter

Give me a V! Me at Rock Werchter
Kiss Kiss!


Rock Werchter!

Yes, we went to Rock Werchter (festival in Belgium) and of course I took my actionsampler (and my robot3 and a disposable camera).

So here are some photo's I took with my actionsampler. I will do another post for my disposable camera and robot3 as soon as I got those photo's back from developing.

Having a good time! 
Sending a text message to my mum.

Love love love him!!! <3!!!

Putting a film into my boyfriends fisheye.
(Photo's taken with his fisheye coming soon)

Kiss Kiss!


A trip to the park!

Hi there!

My boyfriend and I are together for one year and almost one month now (16 of june) and for our first anniversary he bought me an actionsampler (which I love to pieces!!!)

So here are some photos I took in a park.

My boyfriend <3!!!
He bought me this awesome camera.

I love animals, but they are hard to capture exactly like you wish.

It's a bit to dark, but I actually really like this photo because of the movement.
As you can see, I need to practice some more with this camera, but I already like the result.

Kiss Kiss!


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