Wishlist #3!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yes, another wishlist!

I was looking at some sites of doll companies (I know I shouldn't do that) and there are so many beautiful dolls out there. I already have a wonderful dolly family (will introduce them to you soon, promise) and I have two more dolls coming in, so there is no dolly funds at the moment.

But when I saw this girl, I felt in love again. I can't buy her right now, but some day I hope to add her to the family. She's an SD sized girl (56,5cm), so she's bigger then my other girls. A while ago, I was in love with another SD girl, but she's sold out forever, so I hope I will have money for this beauty before she sells out too. (I would love to buy her with the default face-up)

D.I.M Bellosse
Just look at that face! I can't get over how sweet and beautiful she looks. She's a vampire girl, so she has fangs, but that doesn't bother me, cause they seem to be really tiny.

Kiss Kiss!

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