What I did this week #1!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
As you might know from my previous post, it was my boyfriends birthday on Valentine's Day. So instead of celebrating V-day, we celebrated his birthday :)

But first some photo's of last Saturday. We went eating Chinese! Finally, cause we've been planning to do this for quite some time. But it was totally disappointing :( The food wasn't that delicious, the restaurant itself was kind of empty and you had to go and search the waitress if you wanted something.

The boyfriend (don't mind his silly smile :p)
Me, eating (he always takes photo's of me eating)
Then, Birthday/Valentine's Day!
I made some cake pops for me and the mister and I can tell you, they were as delicious as they looked! 
After baking them, I kept them in my room along with the rest of his presents and my room was smelling so good! 

Did I tell you how amazingly sweet he is?
Well, he is! 
He had to leave and go home :( So after he left, I went back to my room to get my mac. He had placed post-its on my mac and my cushion with the sweetest notes ever! 
Why? Well, we both agreed not to do anything for Valentine's Day cause it's his birthday. But he decided to leave those post-it notes for me, just to do something small. So sweet!

Today I had to make 35 cupcakes for my mum. She needed them to give them to some local seniors that come together every thursday afternoon to play some games from when they were young.

Still without topping, topping will be done when they arrive at the place.
Oh, and Wouter and I took an instax photo! (yes, it's the 16th again) It would have been a perfect one (he gives me a kiss on my cheek) but the lightning is totally off :( I think the flash was to strong in this one. I will try to upload it soon! (You can see last on here)

Tomorrow I need to go to a funeral :(
And Saturday is my boyfriends birthday party! 
So I probably won't post anything until Monday.

Kiss kiss!

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