An instax a Month #4! (And a little update)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, me and the blog are still alive. I think the last post was somewhere in April. I didn't forgot about the blog, not at all actually. I'm thinking about posting everyday, but there was just so much going on lately that I couldn't find the time to post.

Instax from April 16th

So a little update of what was going on:

- April 30th I started working. I had a week of training and after that the real work started. I'm now a Call Agent. Never thought this would be my job, but well, it will probably be only temporarily for me cause I will keep on searching for a job that fits me more.

- May 12th we left on vacation to Djerba. It was wonderful! I will be posting some photo's later on (be prepared for lots of photo's). We had a great time together and I miss it like crazy!

- May 21th back to working. Days are long and I can't find the time to do anything :( I'm still getting used to this new daily life routine (I don't like it actually, I'm that kind of girl that loves to hang out at home and do everything kind of slowly.)

I will try to post more often and I will try to plan my posts ahead. We'll see how things will turn out, but I promise I won't disappear for a months again.

Kiss kiss!

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